Did you know that there is a growing immigrant Mennonite congregation in Akron, Ohio?

In this episode of the Ohio Conference Cast, host Thomas Dunn and his guest co-host, Hannah Troyer, find out  about this congregation, which is composed of  Congolese refugees who have resettled in Akron. Helping Thomas and Hannah learn more about this congregation is Rollin Mukanza, a social services case worker at the International Institute of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

Rollin Mukanza, who is originally from Kinshasa in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, discusses his work with the International Institute of Akron, which works at the task of resettling refugees from around the world. He says, “It’s a rewarding job that I have…It’s a job that humbles you. It’s a job that brings compassion out of you.”

Rollin also explains how Ohio Conference Regional Pastor Ralph Reinford first made contact with this congregation, the Akron Swahili Community Church, and Thomas and Hannah discuss their experience visiting the church on Pentecost Sunday, May 20.

To learn more about the International Institute of Akron, see the Institute’s website at https://www.iiakron.org.

As is mentioned near the end of this podcast episode, the Ohio Conference is seeking someone who can serve as an English-Swahili translator so that the Conference can have more conversations with the Akron Swahili Community Church. If you know Swahili or you know of someone who could translate, please contact Thomas Dunn at thomas@crownhillmennonite.com.