There comes a time in any non-profit organization when a need arises outside of budgeted expenses. That time has come for the Ohio Conference. We have found that it is less expensive to provide a vehicle for staff persons who are expected to travel many miles to perform their duties than it is to pay them mileage to drive their own vehicles. We currently own two vehicles for our regional pastors. One has more than 150,000 miles and the other one more than 200,000 miles. With the expected hiring of a full-time conference minister in the near future, we have the need for another vehicle.

There also comes a time in everyone’s life when it is better for them and for everyone else to stop driving. We are looking to match up those two times.

So, if you find yourself in possession of a late model, low-mileage, fuel-efficient vehicle that you need to get rid of we would be glad to help you do that. Just contact Judy King (330-857-5421), Ohio Conference administrative assistant, with a description of the vehicle and a contact number. She will forward that information to the nearest Leadership Team or Stewardship Team member who will get in touch with you.

—Bob Sauder, Ohio Conference moderator