What exactly is the Doctrine of Discovery, and how has it shaped North American culture and society? Ohio Conference Cast host Bill Seymour and his guest co-host, Jeff Hochstetler, talk with Ted Swartz and Alison Brookins about Ted & Company’s new play about the Doctrine of Discovery called Discovery: A Comic Lament. Also participating in the discussion is Peace Lab Podcast* host Hannah Heinzekehr. This wide-ranging discussion touches on topics of land, ownership, racism, Millenials, authenticity, views of history, reparations, the writing process — and, of course, humor.

*This episode is a joint Ohio Conference Cast/Peace Lab podcast. To hear more Peace Lab podcasts, go to https://themennonite.org/the-latest/the-peacelab-podcast/. Peace Lab podcasts are also available on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.