Ohio Conference Cast is going on the road. We will be podcasting from Orlando each night of the MC USA Convention, which means, if all goes according to plan, a new podcast will be available each morning from Wednesday, July 5, through Sunday, July 9. This is only possible because we have terrific support people. Norm Sohar is the reason the technical quality of our casts is as good as they are, and Ann Leaman is the reason you ever get to hear these podcasts. While I am thanking people, I will include Allison, my spouse, who will end up being my roadie.

Thomas Dunn will be off getting married in July, so I, Bill, will do these podcasts with different co-hosts, including, I hope, Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, Emily Hedrick, and maybe an Ohio Conference youth or two that I find wandering the halls. Thank you for your support for these podcasts. Here are links to two podcasts we have already published that point toward Convention:

Talking with Terry Shue

What happened at CLC this time?

— Bill Seymour