Volunteer staff members are needed at the International Guest House in Washington, D.C., with flexibility of two months to a full year (currently scheduling 2018-19) for the ministry of Christian hospitality. The Guest House, a ministry of Allegheny Conference, serves both international and U.S. travelers.  Volunteers are provided full room and board in the Guest House and a monthly stipend of $140. Health insurance is paid for full-year volunteers if needed. Rotating hospitality duties include cleaning, laundry, maintenance, baking, gardening, and hosting breakfast and the evening tea. The service emphasis is on hospitality to guests and being a community to one another. The house is located in an established neighborhood with access to buses for exploring this historic city.

For inquiries and an application contact Sara Fretz-Goering at  sarafretzgoering@gmail.com or current staff at the International Guest House at igh.dc.us@gmail.com or 202-726-5808.