What is life in the parsonage like?  Being a pastor’s wife is a high calling and a great joy, a great responsibility and a great blessing. Pastors’ wives, do you ever wonder if other pastors’ wives experiences are similar to yours? How do they handle the struggles, lean on the blessing of this ministry and enjoy their high calling? During our Pastors’ Wives Retreat on Nov. 11-13 at the St. Francis Spirituality Center in Tiffin, we will explore these thoughts as several women relate what life in the parsonage is like for them. We will have time to reflect on our own lives and participate in relaxing activities, crafts, and getting to know each other. Join us for a relaxing, kick-back, refreshing weekend.

To register for the retreat, contact the conference office at ohmc@zoominternet.net. Cost for the weekend is $110. Church leadership teams are encouraged to cover the cost of this retreat for their pastor’s wife/pastors’ wives to attend.

2016 Pastors’ Wives Retreat