Oct. 23-26, 2011, were the dates of the most recent Constituency Leaders Council meeting. Once again, representatives from the 21 area conferences of Mennonite Church USA and representatives from the constituency groups and the program agencies of MC USA were present. While much of our time together is taken up with table discussions around particular issues important to the church, we also spend time in worship, or as is depicted in this picture, experiencing “hand washing” together. We worship with one another and fellowship around meal times. And because we do all of these things together, our conversations on important matters are both passionate and sincere. We may not always agree with one another, but we try to hear one another and understand one another. And we believe one another to be sincere in our Christian walk. As we discussed issues for which there seem to be either multiple answers or illusive answers, I heard one person ask the question: “Can we be in Christian fellowship (that is to say, be members of the same church body) with people with whom we disagree?” I heard someone else ask, “What would it look like if we could not? Would that not suggest a degree of self-assurance of our own position that Christian humility could not justify?” I left our 3+ days together buoyed by the deep listening that happened, by the honest speaking that took place, and by the solid commitment to join with one another in more than symbolic hand washing. I am under no illusion that the solutions to the problems facing Mennonite Church USA are simple, nor immediately at hand. But I do feel under the power of the Holy Spirit which is at work in me and my brothers and sisters. May that same power be felt by you in your life as well!