Online Workshop – Being Andrew: Sharing the Savior and Redeemer of the World


Presenter: Ramon Lianez This workshop will focus on re­covering simple and yet powerful evangelism for a post-Christian society. Participants will rediscover what biblical evangelism is, what it is not, and how they can share the Gospel message to those around them in a simple manner. Please note: The main portion of this workshop will run from 7 to 8 p.m.…

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Church Planting — From Jerusalem to Antioch

What happens when non-church planters — aka pastors from long-established churches — attend a church planting conference? And why would they even want to attend? In this episode of the Ohio Conference Cast podcast, host Bill Seymour talks with Ohio Conference pastors Paula Snyder Belousek, Corben Weaver Boshart and Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg about their experience attending SENT 2018, a church planting…

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Missional Church: The fad that just won’t go away

By Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg Recently I heard an observation following Ohio Conference’s Annual Conference Assembly in which we focused on becoming a mission-driven (a.k.a. “Missional”) conference. The observation? It seems as though our younger leaders are the driving force behind the passion for this movement. And so the question becomes, “Why?” Why are younger leaders pushing for this change? Is it…

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